Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kate Winslet Wins Lawsuit Over Exercise Claims

(Reuters Health Summary)

Kate Winslet must feel really good right now. Not only does she look amazing, but she just won £25,000 because her amazing figure comes so easily.

As we reported back in January, Kate herself admitted to doing little or no exercise per day in order to maintain her svelte physique - it just comes naturally. Winslet was quoted by The Daily Mail as saying that she doesn't attend a gym - she does about 20 minutes or so of pilates per day, and she doesn't diet. The paper accused Kate of lying and said that she obviously trains harder, given her great figure. The paper also included nude photos of Winslet from various films as 'evidence'. Winslet said in a statement:

I am delighted that the Mail have apologised for making false allegations about me.

I was particularly upset to be accused of lying about my exercise regime and felt that I had a responsibility to request an apology in order to demonstrate my commitment to the views that I have always expressed about body issues, including diet and exercise.

I strongly believe that women should be encouraged to accept themselves as they are, so to suggest that I was lying was an unacceptable accusation of hypocrisy.

Women everywhere should take note: Kate obviously understands the principle of energy balance, because she enjoys what she eats, but she clearly eats just enough to maintain a healthy balance. Energy in equals energy out.

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