Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rachel McAdams: 'Had to Rely on Yoga' for Role in Upcoming Sherlock Holmes Film

(FitCeleb Summary)

Rachel McAdams is one of the brightest young stars in Hollywood - she's beautiful, talented, and best of all, she's Canadian! And this Christmas, she'll be starring in one of the most anticipated films of the year - Sherlock Holmes - along side Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, and directed by renowned filmmaker Guy Ritchie.

In case you haven't seen the trailers, Rachel's character, Irene Adler, is gracefully sporting an uber-tight constricting corset for most of the film. Rachel admits it wasn't easy being squeezed into the age-old contraption, but thankfully, lots of yoga and a little bit of laughter helped her fit into it just fine.

Rachel was quoted as saying: "I wasn’t allowed to take that corset off! I had to rely on yoga exercises! Don’t get me wrong, I’m such a girly girl, I was in heaven being dressed in these incredible costumes. But it was like something out of ’Gone With The Wind’. I’m holding onto the trailer door trying to eek out just a little bit of space so that I can speak properly. Each morning, they tried to make me laugh and on the laugh they’d yank – that’s how they managed to squeeze me in every day."

Sounds painful, but all that yoga definitely paid off!

Adapted from the article "Rachel McAdams: Tight Corsettes For 'Sherlock Holmes' Role = A Lot Of Yoga" From FitCeleb (Nov. 20, 2009).