Sunday, December 20, 2009

9 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

(Source: Medical News Today)

The holiday season is a time for festive gatherings with family and friends. It is also the time of year when we see tempting treats everywhere we turn. "Weight gained during the holidays often comes from eating foods that are high in sugar and fat. The good news is that you can still enjoy these special occasions as long as you use a bit of restraint and keep yourself from indulging too much," says Joan Daniels, R.D., a dietitian at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Daniels and fellow Cancer Center dietitian Nancy Burke, R.D., offer the following tips to help you enjoy the holiday season while keeping a balanced and healthy diet.

To find out the top 9 tips on eating healthy this season, continue reading "
9 Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating" by Medical News Today (Dec. 17, 2009).