Monday, December 14, 2009

Burger King Japan Introduces the Windows 7 Burger

(Windows Blog Summary)

Japan is known for being one of the craziest and most amazing places in the world. Just take for example it's wacky inventions, game shows and technology. But how about this - Using a hamburger to promote a computer operating system? This has got to be a first.

Microsoft has joined forces with Burger King in the creation of a limited-edition 'Windows 7 Burger'. The 'Windows 7 Burger' boasts an outlandish 7 patties, weighing in at 1.7lbs and a colossal 2,120 heart-clogging calories, and measures in at over 5 inches in height. The burger, only available for a fitting seven days, initially cost only 777 Yen, or roughly $8.50 US for the first 30 customers, but then went up to 1,450 Yen, equal to $15.86 US. That's a steep price to pay for heart disease on a bun!

I can't think of a more fitting time than this to reiterate BK's famous slogan - and if heart disease, obesity and diabetes are your cup of tea, then get yourself a 'Windows 7 Burger' and "Have it your way!".

Check out the Microsoft Blog and BK Japan's websites for more details.


Anonymous said...

The "Windows 7 Whopper" was a limited time campaign.
It's no longer available.

Now, Burger King Japan has the "Bourbon Whopper".
In addition to that burger, you an also order a glass of bourbon whiskey or a can of beer at Burger King in Japan.