Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CO2 Injections May Burn Fat

Source: AOL Health (Summary by NIM)

You know that carbon dioxide makes your soda fizzy, but who would have ever thought that it could help you lose weight? Well, that's exactly what new research from Italy has found.

According to the study from the University of Siena in Italy, injections of carbon dioxide may actually shrink fat tissue. In a process called 'carboxytherapy', carbon dioxide is injected just under the surface of the skin using a fine needle. In the study, a group of women with excess fat around their thighs, knees and midsection received CO2 injections and lost an average of 2 cm from their thighs, 1 cm from each knee and 3 cm from their stomachs.

Nick Finer of University College London, former chairman of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity isn't quite sold on application of CO2 for weight loss. He said "These injections are tackling the fat under the skin, but it is stored fat in the abdomen that raises the risk of diabetes, heart disease and so on,". At the very least, according to Finer, the fat loss associated with the injections may offer a psychological boost that some individuals may need in order to get healthy in the long run.

Find out more about this study by reading the article called "Gas Injections Could Reduce Fat, Researchers Reveal" From AOL Health (Dec. 29, 2009).