Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jared From Subway Falls Off the Diet Wagon

(AOL Health Summary)

Have you heard of Subway's Jared? You know, the guy who lost a whopping 245 pounds in less than a year by eating subway every day and exercising. It was nearly a decade ago that we were first introduced to the kinda nerdy 20-something college student through Subway's ads, but he's looking a little different lately.

Jared was recently spotted at Miami airport looking less than fit, suggesting he's fallen off the diet wagon. According to Subway's website, "
Today, Jared still enjoys his favorite SUBWAY® sandwich, but has eased himself into eating other foods. He always chooses foods low in fat and limits the amount of alcoholic beverages. He still drinks only "diet" beverages and continues his walking regimen." Hmmm...maybe he hasn't been walking too much lately? Or maybe he's enjoying those other foods just a little bit too much.

The transition from a structured diet to the inclusion of other foods can certainly be tough. It's easy to get carried away with diet de-railers, if they've been excluded for a while. Perfect example: the holidays. Nobody (well, most of us, I should say) eats that way on a daily basis, so when the good stuff hits your lips, it's hard to resist or slow down. The good news is that there's always support for you if you seek it, and if you recognize that you slipped up once or twice, don't throw your whole diet out the window - be honest with yourself and get right back on that wagon! Remember, it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound, so if you pay attention to those extra calories in, you can anticipate the work you'll have to do to counteract them later!

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