Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pooches Provide a Better Workout than the Gym

(Dream Dogs Summary)

Any dog owner knows that dogs need walking. What they might be surprised to know, however, is that their pooches are returning the favour by providing their owners with more heart-healthy, fat-burning exercise than many gym-goers get!

In a new study from British Pet company
Bob Martin, the average dog owner walks their dog for about 25 minutes, twice a day. That adds up to more than 5.5 hours of exercise per week. In addition, dogs tend to be walked more often and for longer on the weekend, for a total of over 8 hours exercise per week! The average gym-goer, even if they hit the gym for a few hours a week, can't beat that!

If you're thinking that walking the dog doesn't make you break into a sweat the same way that going to the gym can, consider this - most people are not getting enough exercise as it is, so 8 hours is
way better than nothing. Plus, being outside and enjoying the fresh air helps us clear our minds and actually enjoy what we're doing, while the changing terrain and scenery allows us to keep moving and blasting calories without getting bored! According to the study, walking the dog was seen as a pleasure, whereas going to the gym is viewed as more of a chore.

Find out more about this study in the article "Dog owners healthier than gym bunnies" from Dream Dogs (Nov. 27, 2009).