Thursday, December 31, 2009

UK Man Wins £1,000 by Losing Weight

Source: BBC News (Summary by NIM)

Ian Armstrong, a 44-year-old father from the UK has just won himself £1,000 in a bet to lose weight. With an initial bet of only £50 and the odds against him at 20-1, he came out on top and won much more than he had anticipated.

Made last January, the bet stipulated that Ian would lose 5 stone, or 70 lbs, by this Christmas day - and he has done it. Even though he's won a hefty chunk of cash, the weight that he's lost will improve his health and change his life much more than anything money can buy.

Armstrong managed to lose the weight by changing his diet and drinking a pint of water before meals. Giving his winnings and old, over sized clothes to charity, he has stated that "It's amazing how everything changes when you ditch the big portions of pie and chips and go on the rice pasta chicken instead".

Hey - this could be you next year if you play your cards right! Better get on those New Year's Resolutions!

Find out more about Ian's success in the article "Bradford man wins Christmas weight loss bet" from BBC News (Dec. 23, 2009).