Saturday, January 30, 2010

72-Year-Old Jane Fonda to Release New Workout DVDs

Source: The Globe and Mail (Summary by NIM)

Who says you're too old to work out? Ask Jane Fonda and she'll tell you there's no such thing! As a follow up to her original fitness DVDs released nearly 30 years ago, 72-year old Fonda will use her fame to illustrate that that physical activity and fitness are important for all age groups. According her a post on her blog, the actress has said that her DVDs “will target an audience that has been left out: MY age group and the boomers,".

Back in the 80's, Fonda started quite the fitness video empire - racking up an astounding 22 titles in total - including her iconic original video which sold 17 million copies and became the best-selling home video ever. While she may not be donning her pastel Lycra outfit this time (or is she?), Fonda still looks incredible for her age, despite having osteoarthritis, a titanium hip and having undergone a recent knee-replacement.

Hey, if the woman can still find a way to stay in shape despite her physical setbacks, I think it's a great message to send out to others in around her age group - and so does she, stating "I want to get to people who have stopped working out, or never did, or … I can’t wait."

Find out more about this story by reading the article "Jane Fonda's spandex comeback: Sweating for the oldies" from the Globe and Mail (Jan. 27, 2010).