Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blame Your Kitchen For Unwanted Weight

Source: MSNBC (Summary by NIM)

Do you feel that you are a healthy eater, but for some reason you just can't lose that stubborn weight? Your kitchen might be to blame, according to researchers.

Even if you're eating all the world's healthiest foods, several factors centered around your kitchen may contribute to excess calorie consumption, and - you guessed it - weight gain. 'Healthy' foods, in themselves, don't make you lose weight. It's all about calories in the end and here's why your kitchen may be making you fat.

1. Your plates look like platters. Research has shown that the larger your plate is, the more food you will cover it with - and eat. In addition, we're hard-wired to want to finish what's on our plate - it gives us a sense of satisfaction - so using a smaller plate and finishing everything on it will still lead to the same sensation, minus LOTS of calories.

2. Your cutlery is massive. Yes, even the size of your utensils matter. Think about it - the smaller they are, the less you can fit on your fork, spoon, whatever, at any given time. This slows down eating, allows ample time for signals of fullness and satisfaction to reach your brain, allowing you to down fewer calories by the time you realize you're full.

3. Your glassware is short and stubby - and you will be too. It's true - research has shown that the taller and skinnier your glassware is, the more you realize how much you're actually drinking. One serving may look like two in a tall glass, whereas in a short one, two servings may look like one. Our brains respond to the height of the glass.

4. Your pantry is supersized. Sure, you might be saving lots of dough at costco when you shop in bulk, but it's a fact - the more food you have at home, the more you're going to eat. With an abundance of food, there's no need to ration or portion meals properly, plus certain foods may spoil more quickly, so you'll eat them before they do. If there's a lot of that food, those are just extra calories waiting to stick to your ribs.

5. Your kitchen is the hub of your home. Here's where you have your family pow-wows, take care of your finances, watch TV and kick your feet up - and get fat. The more time you spend in your kitchen, the more food you're going to eat. Period. Do your paperwork in the office, gather your family in the family room, watch TV and relax elsewhere. You should eat meals in the kitchen, where you will focus on each bite, instead of being distracted by what else your doing. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. And switch the lights off when you're out of the kitchen to tell your brain 'the kitchen is closed, it's not meal time'.

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