Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming Soon: New "Gimmick-Free" Pill to Battle Obesity

Source: Science Daily (Summary By NIM)

Every so often, sure enough, somebody comes up with an idea for a 'revolutionary' new weight loss pill, but so far, there is no such thing. Now, Researchers in Montreal think they might have it, and the kicker is, it's based on simple science.

The new pill will be composed of leptin - an appetite-suppressing hormone that is sent into the blood stream when we eat, telling us we're full. In previous studies, mice deprived of leptin ended up eating so much that they became extremely obese and could barely move around. According to one of the researchers "Taken orally, such a pill would provide obese people with the sensation of being full. They would eat less and in turn lose weight,".

Testing is scheduled to begin sometime this year.

Find out more about this promising new development in the article "Gimmick-Free Weight-Loss Pill in the Works" from Science Daily (Jan. 25, 2010)