Monday, January 4, 2010

Study: High Fat Diets Lead to Colon Inflammation

Source: Science Daily (Summary by NIM)

The Western Diet has been linked to a number of diseases and illnesses. In this diet, many critical nutrients are omitted, whereas other non-essential nutrients are consumed in excess. Case in point: most Westerners consume an excess of fat and not nearly enough vitamin D, calcium or fibre.

In order to investigate the connection between the Western diet and colorectal cancer, the third most prevalent form of cancer in the US, a group of researchers out of Rockefeller University decided to put mice on a high-fat, Western style diet and see what happens. In these mice, the Researchers found an increase in oxidative stress and intestinal inflammation, possibly leading to tumour formation and carcinogenic processes.

According to Peter Holt, a senior research associate in the Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism at Rockefeller,"There is convincing evidence that increased intake of red meat, processed meat and alcohol can increase risk of colorectal cancer, whereas greater consumption of dietary fiber, milk and calcium might decrease risk,"

To find out more about this new study, check out the article called "High Fat Diet Increases Inflammation in the Mouse Colon" from Science Daily (Jan. 2, 2010).