Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Forget Energy Drinks - Relaxation Drinks are the New Thing

Source: The Globe and Mail (Summary by NIM)

How would you like to enjoy "an acupuncture session” in a can or an elixir to “unwind from the grind”? In a bid to take on the energy drink market, new 'Relaxation' drinks such as 'Slow Cow' promise to do precisely the opposite of what you've come to expect from Red Bull.

With natural ingredients like chamomile, hops, valerian and the amino acid L-theanine, Quebec-Based Slow Cow's director of communications claims that his beverage can help “improve concentration, memory and learning capacity” without causing drowsiness.

Peter Bianchi, the Creator of 'Drank' (an American relaxation drink) said that when he drinks his product, it feels like putting on a cozy pair of pyjamas and kicking back in his favourite leather recliner.

Experts believe that these types of beverages tend to be safer than the energy kind, since energy drinks can trigger panic attacks and heart problems. With natural ingredients in even lower doses than those typically recommended by naturopaths, relaxation drinks tend to pose little if any harm. Others are skeptical, stating that they don't think the products have enough 'relaxing ingredients' to have any effect. Regardless, Health Canada states that these products need to be regulated as natural health products to ensure public safety.

Find out more about these new drinks by reading the article "Relaxation drinks take on the energy market" from The Globe and Mail (Feb. 11, 2010).