Thursday, February 18, 2010

'It's Not Me, It's Everyone Else': American Mentality on Poor Health

Source: Medline Plus (Summary by NIM)

Most Americans believe that others are unhealthy, but that their own health is in check. According to a new survey commissioned by GE Healthcare, The Cleveland Clinic and Ochsner Health System, more than half of the respondents believed that other people's health was "in the wrong direction" but less than 20% said the same thing about themselves. Furthermore, the same participants believe that their health is better than what their doctor tells them.

One of the study's author's says the findings suggest that people are either in denial of reality, or they truly don't know what it means to be healthy so they think they're OK - he blames misinformation as a major factor. Another expert believes that it's tough to make accurate judgments or comparisons about health when living in a land of obesity and poor health habits on the whole. If your neighbour is obese, but you are just overweight, you would think you're comparatively healthier! "It's all relative" she says.

Find out more about this interesting survey by reading the article "Most Americans Think It's Others Who Are Unhealthy" from Medline Plus (Feb. 16, 2010).