Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Little Chocolate Makes For a Healthy Heart

Source: Health Day (Summary by NIM)

Perhaps a little cliche, as it's Valentine's day on Sunday, but more reasons to eat a little extra chocolate are always welcome by me.

A new review study from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto has found that dark chocolate may lessen the risk of stroke or reduce the likelihood of dying from it. The studies included in this review point to the fact that that a small amount of dark chocolate, about 50g per week, may be beneficial when it comes to stroke prevention.

The results, however, are inconclusive and don't prove that chocolate is good for you on the whole. As it is high in fat, the thinking that eating extra chocolate will make you healthier is rather backwards; in large amounts, the bad outweighs the good. On top of things, not all chocolate is created equal - it's the dark variety, high in cocoa, that's the best for you - the others are just plain treats.

So, if your sweetheart is planning on spoiling you with a little chocolate, ask for the dark kind and enjoy it sparingly!

Find out more about this review study by reading the article called "Dark Chocolate May Lower Stroke Risk" from Health Day (Feb. 11, 2010).