Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Little Nap Might Boost Memory, Make You Smarter

Source: Medline Plus (Summary By NIM)

In many countries, an afternoon siesta or nap is common practice. Instead of loading up on coffee all day long, people break mid-day, shops and businesses close down, and people catch a bit of shut-eye so that they're more productive and happier once they start back up.

Now, thanks to a new study
from the University of California at Berkeley, researchers have found that an afternoon nap may actually improve memory, resulting in higher scores on tests. According to the study's author, Matthew Walker, "Sleep is not just for the body. It's very much for the brain," and again, "This is further evidence that sleep plays a critical role in the processing of memories," he said. "It provides more evidence that it's not just important to sleep after learning, but you need it before learning to prepare the brain for laying down information."

The researchers believe that the brain is like a sponge, and it's ability to absorb information declines with increased fatigue.

Find out more about this study and it's findings by reading the article "Afternoon Nap Might Make You Smarter"
From Medline Plus (Feb. 21, 2010).