Thursday, February 4, 2010

Study: Targeting 'Energy Master Switch' Enzyme Burns More Fat, Maintains Muscle

Source: Science Daily (Summary by NIM)

Researchers and health experts agree that the obesity epidemic is far from over. It seems that we just keep getting fatter and sometimes the simple solution (eating right, moving around more) isn't always possible on a large scale.

According to a new study, an enzyme referred to as the 'Energy Master Switch' might be the key in revving up the metabolism in order to burn more fat at rest while sparing muscle mass. In their experiments, the researchers blocked an enzyme called Fyn Kinase in mice and found that, almost immediately, they began burning more fat. Moreover, there were other benefits found, including an increased sensitivity to insulin.

The authors of this study warn that creating a drug like this for humans is not safe at this time, as it also targets parts of the brain, but their next goal is to design something extremely specific to muscle tissue and fat only.

Check out the article called "New Way to Lose Fat, Keep the Lean" from Science Daily (Feb. 3, 2010) for more details.