Monday, March 1, 2010

Kelly Osbourne Drops 42 Lbs, Now a Size 2

Source: AOL Health, The Daily Mail (Summary by NIM)

When you think of Kelly Osbourne it's not likely you envision a healthy, dainty, size-2 beauty, but that's what she's become in the past few months. Following a stint on the hit show 'Dancing with the Stars', Kelly has shrunk from a size 14 to a size 2 by adopting a healthier lifestyle complete with different forms of exercise and eating right.

In the past, Kelly has dealt with drug addiction, checked into rehab more than once, and turned to food for comfort. Her new comfort appears to be exercise - according to her, "it's addictive". In addition to taking long hikes through the California hills, Kelly has also adopted the "Bar Method", which is a 'ballet-meets-yoga-meets- Pilates class, which she attends 3 times per week for an hour. "Pilates is amazing, my posture is so much better and I'm even starting to get muscles on my tummy - it's incredible,' she has said.

Kelly chooses a to eat a lower-carb diet including egg whites, lean meats like turkey, chick peas, fruits and vegetables and low-fat cheese. You won't find Kelly on the Atkins diet, though - she said "I tried the Atkins Diet but you had to eat so much meat and cheese, I hated it. No vegetables. I felt dirty when I ate like that.". Another secret to Kelly's weight loss is to keep her metabolism humming at all times. She even nibbles on something small that won't spike her blood sugar (Low GI) before going to bed!

Find out more about Kelly's incredible transformation by checking out AOL Health and The Daily Mail's articles.


Carol said...

Wonderful transformation! She looks amazingly healthy.