Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kraft On Board to Slash Sodium Levels by 2012

Source: Reuters Health (Summary by NIM)

With a wide variety of foods bearing their label, many of which are quite high in sodium, including Oreos, Triscuits, Cheez Bites and Lunchables, Kraft has vowed to cut the sodium levels in their North American products by an average of 10% over the next two years.

Kraft is joining the ranks of other brands like Campbell's, who have recognized the health and public concern over sodium levels and have taken a stand. Whether the 'adjusted' levels of sodium will really be that much lower or healthier for the general public is another issue, but at least these brands are taking a social responsibility (as well as improving their public image and perhaps boosting sales?).

Rhonda Jordan, President, Health & Wellness, Kraft Foods put it nicely - "We are reducing sodium because it's good for consumers, and, if done properly, it's good for business,". "A growing number of consumers are concerned about their sodium intake and we want to help them translate their intentions into actions."

Kraft has said that they intend to cut out more than 10 million pounds, or more than 750 million teaspoons of salt from some of their products. Though difficult to conceptualize, it sure sounds like a lot! A sodium reduction of 10% still may not be quite enough in some instances, but surely it's a good start!

Find out more by reading the article called "Kraft to cut sodium levels in food products" from Reuters Health, and check out the press release from Kraft here.