Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Woman Strives to be World's Fattest

Source: The Daily Mail (Summary by NIM)

To say that she has an 'unusual' goal in mind is putting it lightly. Currently weighing in at 600lbs and wearing XXXXXXXL dresses, Donna Simpson's biggest wish is to weigh 1000lbs, making her the world's fattest woman.

Ms. Simpson currently holds the Guinness world record for being the world's fattest mom - she weighed 520 lbs when she gave birth to her daughter, making her the largest woman on record ever to give birth. It might be her daughter, however, that is preventing her from reaching her goal - Simpson has said that tending to a 3 year old is keeping her weight down, and she'd really just like to move around as little as possible (Funny, since she can't walk more than 20ft before needing to use her mobility scooter). To compensate for all her 'physical activity', Simpson eats whole cakes, bags of donuts and 70 pieces of sushi at a time, making her daily caloric intake around 12,000 calories, or more than 6 times that of the average woman.

Despite the risk to her own life and the responsibility of having two children, Donna insists she's not harming anyone; she loves eating and people "just love" watching her eat.

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