Friday, April 30, 2010

Canadians Live Longer than Americans: Study

Source: Health Day (Summary by NIM)

Despite the harsher, colder weather conditions up here, Canadians now have one more reason to be proud to live in the 'true north'. A new study has found that we live longer and healthier lives than our Southern Counterparts.

According to data from the Joint Canada/United States Survey of Health 2002-03, Canadians enjoy almost 3 more years of "perfect health" than Americans. Researchers believe that the difference is due to Canada's universal health care system and lower levels of poverty and social economic inequality.

But the Study's Author, David Feeny, added "distinguishing among the potential explanations for the differences in health between the two countries would require longitudinal data. Perhaps it is time for Canada and the U.S. to contemplate a joint longitudinal survey,"

Find out more about the details of this study by reading the article called "Canadians Leading Longer, Healthier Lives Than Americans" from Health Day (Apr. 29, 2010).