Friday, April 16, 2010

Celeb Chefs Use Fame To Promote Healthy Eating

Source: (Summary by NIM)

I'm not sure about you, but when I watch the Food Network or visit restaurants, I know that chefs like to use real ingredients (think: butter), and that flavour, not the caloric content of the food, is key. While this may indeed be the case, there does not have to be a disconnect between healthy eating and chef-inspired foods! If you notice that chefs love using fresh, colourful, high-quality ingredients free of additives and preservatives, treating food and cooking as an art, you will quickly find that this sounds an awful lot like what we should strive for in achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle!

On that note, three of the Food Network's best known chefs, Jaimie Oliver, Rachael Ray and, yes, even Paula Deen (the woman who dressed up as a stick of butter for Halloween) are on board to educate the public about the importance of healthy eating. Celebrity chefs are like rock stars in the kitchen - having the ability to influence what we buy, cook and eat both in and outside of our own homes.

Rachel, Jaimie and Paula want to make 'real' food more accessible and easy to prepare, so that moms, dads and kids alike can learn and benefit for the rest of their lives. All three, however, agree that a healthy, balanced lifestyle also includes foods that are not so 'figure friendly' some of the time, but there is a time and place for everything!

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