Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FDA: Beware of 'Fat-Melting' Injections

Source: FDA (Summary by NIM)

We have been warned so many times against taking magic 'diet pills'. As tempting as they sound, not only are they dangerous, but most of them have never been shown to work and their claims are usually not supported or evaluated by the FDA. So why is it that we think that diet 'injections' would be any different? According to the FDA, they're not.

The product in question this time, called lipodissolve, is administered in a series of injections that are said to melt away pockets of fat in a process called injection lipolysis, lipozap, lipotherapy, or mesotherapy. According to the FDA - the claims made by the makers of lipodissolve are not only misleading but they are false.

On their website, the FDA have released warning information regarding lipodissolve, stating that individuals who undergo this procedure are at risk of permanent scarring, skin deformation and painful knots under the skin.

So next time you're looking for a quick fix - just stop. There isn't one. But if you still want to take some kind of diet or nutritional supplement, always be sure to thoroughly research any and all claims made by the company and look up all of the ingredients before you put anything in your mouth.

Find out more about the FDA's warning on lipodissolve by reading the article called "FDA Warns About Lipodissolve Product Claims" from the FDA's website (Apr. 7, 2010).