Thursday, April 1, 2010

High Cholesterol? Flaxseeds Might Fix That

Source: ScienceDaily (Summary by NIM)

Flaxseeds are one of the world's healthiest foods. Not only are they loaded with fibre, antioxidants and plenty of vitamins and minerals, they're also packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids. In a nutshell, flaxseeds are a superfood you should be including in your diet on the daily; especially if you have high cholesterol.

Previous studies have indicated that consuming 20g of ground flaxseeds per day for 60 days could lower cholesterol just as well as statin drugs can! Now, not everyone wants to take drugs to lower their cholesterol levels, and some people simply can't take certain kinds, so this is definitely a great, natural way to achieve similar results!

According to a new US study, consuming 3 tbsp of flaxseed lignans (antioxidants) per day for 3 months can lower cholesterol levels by 10% in men, but not women. It's the lignans that are responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effects of flaxseeds, the researchers say, and they're not sure why there was no effect shown in women in this study. Nonetheless, for all their other health benefits, flaxseeds should definitely be a dietary staple for anyone who is healthy-conscious and looking to improve their health or prevent disease! Just note that whole flaxseeds are not easily digested, so it's best to grind them up fresh before you use them. Storing them already ground will cause some of those omega-3 fatty acids to oxidize, decreasing their overall health benefits!

Check out the whole article called "Flaxseed Lowers High Cholesterol in Men, Study Suggests" from Science Daily (Mar. 30, 2010)