Monday, May 24, 2010

Certain Diet Sodas May Help With Kidney Stones

Source: AOL Health (Summary by NIM)

Most experts would agree that diet sodas are a more sound alternative to regular sodas, which are loaded with sugar and calories, but now there's even more reason to reach for certain diet sodas. According to a new study published in the
Journal of Urology, some citrus flavoured diet sodas like Fresca, sprite, Sunkist Orange and even ginger ale may help prevent and even treat kidney stones.

The above noted diet soda drinks contain high amounts of a substance called
citrate (or citric acid), which is usually given to people with kidney stones in the form of potassium citrate as a method of treatment. Individuals who are prone to kidney stones may gain some extra preventative protection by drinking these diet sodas.

The study was based on the idea that some doctors advise individuals who are at a high risk of kidney stones to drink lemonade or lemon juice, similar to how individuals prone to urinary tract infections are advised to drink cranberry juice. While drinking citrus-based drinks may be beneficial in preventing kidney stones, some doctors caution against using diet sodas as a form of therapy as they contain high amounts of sodium. Sodium, in turn, may exacerbate the incidence of kidney stones in high-risk individuals. More research needs to be done before any clear recommendations can be made about diet sodas, but so far, these results look interesting and promising!

Find out more about this study by reading the article called "
Some Diet Sodas May Prevent Kidney Stones" from AOL Health (May 17, 2010).