Tuesday, May 25, 2010

English Soccer Players Clean Up their Diets for World Cup 2010

Source: Times Online (May 12, 2010)

Gone are the days of serving up sausage, chips and bitter before a big match. This year, England's Soccer players are shipping in much healthier (and in some cases surprising) food items to fuel them up in hopes of taking home the big prize in South Africa.

Back in the 90s (seems like just yesterday), England's players used to let loose and indulge in some good old-fashioned pie-eating contests in their spare time, but not this year! As knowledge in the field of sports nutrition has improved, the players have been taking a more proactive and responsible approach when it comes to their meal choices.

Many different and distinctly non-English food items are being shipped in to South Africa to stock up the team's pantries and fridges, including sushi rice, seaweed, wasabi paste, balsamic vinegar, organic chocolate, dried apricots, pasta, risotto, pine nuts and olive oil. Not to forget the comforts of home, custards, jams and marmalades will also be making an appearance on the menu. Items missing from the menu: meat pies, sausages, eggs, chips and other performance hindering fatty meals.

Find out more about what's on the menu for team England and what this could mean for their performance at the world cup by reading the article called "England players spice up their diet in quest to win World Cup" from Times Online (May 12, 2010).