Friday, May 14, 2010

Study: Milk Consumption Not Tied to Kidney Cancer

Source: Medline Plus (Summary by NIM)

You may have cut back on the amount of milk you've been drinking recently since there was some speculation that milk might be somehow implicated in kidney cancer. Not to worry, though - new research has determined that this is not the case.

The researchers in this study examined patients for a number of years to see if some genetic variants linked to lactose tolerance were somehow implicated in cancer of the kidney. In essence, they looked at some of the same characteristics and outcomes that other researchers have looked at when they made a link between milk and cancer, but they took it a step further. According to the lead author of this study, "The data in this study provide no concrete evidence of a need to alter milk drinking in any way,".

The researchers said that it's not enough to simply draw conclusions from epidemiological data without deeper investigation (as was done in the past), since the evidence can be easily misinterpreted.
Johanna Lampe, a nutrition scientist who made a commentary on this study has said that we should take these new findings as a reminder "to proceed with caution when interpreting data that suggest an association between intake of specific foods and risk of a particular cancer."

Find out more about this study by reading the article called "Study Disputes Link Between Milk and Kidney Cancer" from Medline Plus (May 6, 2010).