Friday, May 28, 2010

Study: No Health Benefit to Organic Foods

Source: Reuters Health (Summary by NIM)

For those of us who choose to eat organic foods, there are a host of reasons why. Not only are organic foods produced in a more sustainable fashion, but organic farmers tend to be treated more fairly and actually earn a decent living. There are indeed other reasons as well, but if the 'health' benefit of going organic is your main objective, you may just be out of luck according to a new study.

Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the study found that there is currently no convincing evidence that there are any specific effects of organic foods that can improve health beyond that of non-organic foods. The researchers sifted through 162 other studies conducted over the past 50 years. Many studies, the researchers found, were extremely limited in their nature, or were mainly short-term studies.

Despite this finding, there may be some other benefits of organic foods in that they are produced without using conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones. In the long run, this may be beneficial not only to our health but also to the health of the planet.

Find out more by reading the article called "
No evidence organic foods benefit health: study" from Reuters Health (May 24, 2010).