Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weight Loss Can Boost Your Immune System

Source: MSNBC.com (Summary by NIM)

Carrying excess weight around is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant, it also comes along with an increased risk of a plethora of diseases and illnesses. Losing weight can improve your health in many ways, and according to new research, it can also boost your immune system.

The most dangerous kind of excess fat to carry around is abdominal fat - what we normally call an 'apple' shape. Having excess abdominal fat as opposed to fat deposits elsewhere on the body can knock down your immune system and actually turn it against you. Thankfully, new research suggests that losing as little (depending on your perspective) as ten pounds may be enough to set the balance straight again.

In the study, obese people who lost an average of about 13 pounds brought their levels of pro-inflammatory cells down to 'normal' levels, helping to lower the dangers associated with carrying around so much excess weight. "People must be made aware that excess fat will affect their immune systems and therefore their survival,", said one of the researchers.

Find out more about this study by reading the article called "Losing 10 pounds could boost your immunity" from MSNBC.com (Apr. 22, 2010).