Friday, June 18, 2010

Give Dad the Gift of Health on Father's Day

Source: (Summary by NIM)

Running out of time and gift ideas for Dad this year? Skip the ties, cuff links or DVD's - he's got enough of those. This year, be a little more creative and give Dad something that many men tend to be negligent of, especially as they get a bit older - give him the gift of health.

As you may or may not know, according to statistics, women tend to be far more conscious of their health and tend to outlive men perhaps as a result. This Father's Day, urge your Dad to take good care of himself - he may need some help - so that he's around for many more Father's Day's to come! In addition to preparing a healthy dinner and taking a relaxing stroll around the block, be sure to encourage your dad to make an appointment to see his doctor ASAP. He'll thank you later.

While some companies are offering Father's Day deals on Body fat monitors to help improve Dad's physique, others, like Wendy's are allowing Dad to indulge in a bit of a treat while engaging in a little philanthropy to help his soul. But if you're looking to spoil dad with all the foods he loves, while improving his health at the same time, why not treat him to NIM's Father's Day special, so he continues to eat like a King all week long!

Find out more about why you should send Dad to the Doc this Father's Day by reading the article called "This Father's Day, Make Sure Dad is Watching His Health" from (June 14, 2010).