Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jersey Shore's Snooki Pushes 'Cookie Diet'

Source: eCanadaNow (Summary by NIM)

As MTV's breakout hit 'Jersey Shore' may have already hit it's peak of popularity, one of it's 'stars', Snooki, is looking for another way to extend her 15 minutes of fame. No, she's not out promoting night clubs or tanning salons (at least not to my knowledge) - she's the new spokesperson for the 'Cookie Diet'.

On the show, Snooki, along with her cast mates indulge in copious amounts of not only tanning and bronzer, but alcohol and junk food, too. Now, it seems those calories have finally caught up with the barely 5-foot tall (with shoes on) star - it has been reported that she's put on up to 20 pounds! That's even a lot for a person of average height, but for Snooki, that's a monstrous amount of weight!

In order to battle her bulge, Snooki will follow the Cookie Diet on this season of Jersey Shore in order to shrink back to her previous weight of 90 pounds. This also means she has to cut out (or seriously limit) her alcohol intake, which is unlikely, being that alcohol seems to fuel the premise of the show. Nonetheless, Snooki now has some extra cash in the bank regardless of whether the diet works or not!

Find out more about Snooki's diet endeavours by reading the article called "Snooki & Cookie Diet Doc Strike a Bargain" from eCanadaNow (June 20, 2010).