Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obesity's Damage Shows After 40

Source: New York Times (Summary by NIM)

Individuals who are carrying a few (or a lot of) excess pounds may not end up making some necessary lifestyle changes until 'something bad' happens. Heart disease, diabetes, respiratory troubles, joint problems, you name it - obesity can cause all of these ailments. Some people, however, may be waiting a while for these issues to come about as new research has found that many symptoms of obesity do not show up until after the age of 40.
The study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, found that overweight and obese people over the age of 40 take a lot more medication than their normal weight counterparts, signifying a decline in their health. Healthy people over the age of 40 took about 2/3 the amount of medication that obese people took. This discrepancy only came about after the 40-year old mark.

Despite these findings, the authors of the study caution that the use of the body mass index (BMI) is not the greatest measure of obesity, and the findings should be taken with a grain of salt until more research is done. One way or another, folks, the bottom line is that you should not be waiting around until you are 40 to take your health into your own hands! Take control of your health and enjoy a happier life for longer.

Find out more about this study by reading the article called "Risks: Obesity Is Found to Take Toll After Age 40" from the New York Times (May 31, 2010).