Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rapper 50 Cent Drops over 50 Lbs for Movie Role

Source: The National Post (Summary by NIM)

Oftentimes, when celebrities or other public figures lose a lot of weight, they tend to look healthier and better than ever. Not so in the case of rapper and actor Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent.

Jackson, who is best known for his strong, muscular build, had to lose the weight in order to play the role of a cancer-stricken football player undergoing chemotherapy in the film Things Fall Apart
. In a far cry from his regular 214 pound figure, new photos show an emaciated and sick-looking version of Jackson who reportedly went on a liquid diet and walked for 3 hours per day in order to get down to 161 lbs. In essence, his muscles and other bodily tissues were wasted away as his body was starved for energy.

According to Jackson, who once lost even more weight due to recovering form a gunshot wound, "This time it was a lot tougher for me. I had to discipline myself not…to actually have myself be in the physical to convey the energy I felt. It’s a passion project for me". Well, I hope he regains his passion for eating solid foods again soon because he's looking scarier than ever!

Find out more about 50 Cent's transformation by reading the article called "Fiddy loses over 50 pounds for movie role" from the National Post (May 31, 2010).