Friday, July 9, 2010

Americans Love to Diet but Can't Count Calories: Survey

Source: (Summary by NIM)

Diets have been around for ever, but these days Americans diet more than ever before. Even though they love to try the latest diet fads and often complain that they need to lose weight, the average American has no idea exactly how many calories they require or how many they are taking in, according to a new survey. In other words, the average American actually lacks the basic fundamentals of weight gain or loss!

A new survey has found that only one in every eight Americans knows how many calories they should be consuming each day, but nearly two-thirds of the same individuals have adopted a new dietary pattern, mostly to lose weight. Basically, the average person doesn't understand what "calories in" and "calories out" means.

Even though this may sound counter-intuitive, there may be a good reason for this discrepancy. According to an official from the International Food Information Council Foundation “Americans are hearing about the importance of weight to their health from a variety of sources, and it appears to be driving healthful changes in their lives,” even if they don't necessarily know what it means for themselves. Well, at least they're on the right track - even if they aren't completely there just yet.

Find out more about the findings of this survey by reading the article called "Diet-Driven Americans Can’t Count Calories: Survey" from (July 7, 2010).