Monday, July 26, 2010

British Women Lose Lots of Cash, Little Weight on Diets

Source: The Daily Record (Summary by NIM)

In our world of instant gratification, those of us who want to lose weight expect it to happen very rapidly. Instead of taking a more manageable, sustainable approach that is easy to follow and guarantees results, most people opt for crash and fad diets, looking for a quick fix. The result? Cash blown, lots of suffering and cravings, but little weight loss success, according to a new survey.

In a recent survey by Engage, it has been found that British women spend an average of £542.43 (about $870 CAD) per year for a total of about £25,233 (about $40,500 CAD) in their lifetime on failed diet attempts. This includes stuff like exercise gear, supplements and gym memberships. That's an insane amount of cash spent on quick fixes that don't last!

The survey also found that British women attempt to diet 3 times a year, and they successfully stay on them for a mere 19 days - beyond that, the cravings for junk kick in and...another one bites the dust. Haven't any of these women heard of moderation? Yeah - you can have your cheesecake (/brownie/carrot cake etc.) and eat it too if you just simply watch your calorie intake and match it with calories out (exercise/physical activity). Really - it is that simple.

Find out more about this survey by reading the article called "Why women always lose pounds on a diet.. that's £££s, not lbs" from the Daily Record (July 23, 2010).