Monday, July 12, 2010

Diet Cola May Weaken Women's Bones

Source: CNN Health (Summary by NIM)

Although it sounds like a great energy boost free of any calories or consequences, diet cola might actually be doing some subtle harm under the surface. According to a new study, diet soda may actually contain compounds that result in a loss of elements important for bone health.

In the study, it was found that women who drank diet cola excreted more calcium and phosphorous in their urine when compared to women who drank pure water. The study was performed with female participants because it was found that women drink diet cola quite often, since it contains zero calories.

Other studies have also found that women who drink large amounts of diet cola have a lower bone mineral density, on average. The bottom line is, not surprisingly, 'everything in moderation'! Diet cola in and of itself is not going to weaken your bones to an unhealthy state unless you're guzzling it every single day or you're taking in large amounts. Be sensible and you should be just fine!

Find out more by reading the article called "Diet cola drains calcium in women" from CNN Health (July 7, 2010).