Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Posting Nutrition Information in Restaurants Might Make You Think Twice Before Ordering

Source: The Edmonton Journal (Summary by NIM)

Going out to a fancy restaurant can most definitely be a treat from time to time, especially when you're feeling like indulging a little (read: a lot). Really, what better way to celebrate a special event than by treating yourself to your favourite foods, a nice drink and maybe a little dessert? But when all you are looking to do is to satisfy your hunger by grabbing a meal out, the last thing you would probably want to do is order yourself a 2,000-calorie sugar-, sodium- and fat-filled food-bomb. Too bad that's what most people do without even knowing it.

As restaurants across the world embrace the trend (and thankfully this time it's a good one!) of increasing their transparency by posting nutritional information on their menus - heck even McDonald's is doing it these days - we are still lagging behind, here in Canada.

Some of the items on the menus of popular Canadian Restaurants, like The Keg's honey barbecue ribs, contain 1,975 calories which is roughly the amount an active woman should consume each day! Doesn't it seem as thought it should almost be a human right to know exactly what you're putting in your body? Especially if it's marketed to 'seem' healthy when it's really not! Some menu items on the menus of other restaurants may not be that bad, but if you can't see the info, you may never know it!

Find out more about this interesting issue by reading the article called "Many would change what they order if nutritional information were labelled" from the Edmonton Journal.