Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Scale that Counts Calories?

Source: (Summary by NIM)

The cat's out of the bag, guys - it turns out the secret to weight gain or weight loss just boils down to calories. Oh wait, you already knew that. But what you may not know is that the most accurate way to determine how many calories you're consuming each day is to actually weigh out all of your ingredients...which is so simple and quick, right? Not so much. Well, now (thankfully), there is a new device available which makes discovering your actual calorie intake much simpler. Enter: the Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale.

Imagine simply placing whatever you are about to eat onto this cool new scale, and finding out the exact nutritional value, nutrition label-style. No more weighing on a traditional scale and then having to look up every ingredient in some database! You'll know not only how many calories are in the particular food item, but also things like grams of fibre, sugar, fat and sodium! Even for non-calorie counters, this thing is pretty useful!

The database currently holds the nutritional value of 2,000 foods, with space to add another 99 custom foods. Certainly, this device can't tell you everything about everything you want to eat, and it's got to be a little more complicated than it seems (say you wanted to put a sushi roll on it? How would that work?) But at the very least - as the sales pitch goes - Knowledge is power when it comes to making healthier food choices!

Find out more about the Perfect Portions Digital Food Scale at at the Sharper Image.