Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soon to Appear at Carl's Jr.: Footlong Cheeseburgers

Source: FoodBeast.com (Summary by NIM)

Forget footlong subs! Following the trend of 'meals that are so bad for you that it's outrageous/funny' (some even call them WTF meals) Carl's Jr. is currently testing whether or not the hungry citizens of the United States are hungry enough for a footlong Cheeseburger.

Known for their somewhat over the top food, Carl's Jr. was not content to be outdone by KFC's 'Double Down' Sandwich, so they had to up their game. Loaded up with three beef patties on a 12-inch submarine bun (sorry, it's not actually a 12-inch beef patty), the 'burger-sub hybrid' is being tested for $4, or $4.50 for the deluxe with lettuce, tomato and other toppings.

Since the sandwich is still in it's testing stage, the restaurant chain is finding out all kinds of important information, like the fact that thee sandwich doesn't even fit in their existing bags - it sticks out awkwardly. And maybe they are delaying the full on launch in case anyone gets a heart attack? It remains to be seen...

Find out more about this creation by reading the article called "Carl’s Jr. Testing a “Footlong Cheeseburger”" from Foodbeast.com (July 10, 2010)