Monday, July 19, 2010

Svelte Singer Cheryl Cole Eating Junk to Gain Weight

Source: OK! Magazine (Summary by NIM)

You know how much your body can transform for the better once you stop eating junk food (especially the greasy, fried kind!), but imagine if you did the exact opposite - adopting a high-cal fat-filled diet. Well, that's exactly what the gorgeous and talented singer Cheryl Cole is finding herself doing lately, but don't call her lucky - she's only doing it in order to battle her extreme weight loss due to a recent bout with malaria.

After dropping out of her position as a Judge on the latest season of the UK X factor due to the life threatening illness, the already tiny British songstress has dropped from 105 lbs to about 98 lbs! According to reports from the News of the World, "Cheryl is far too thin...she doesn't have any meat on her now. Her hip bones literally stick out. She won't be dancing for some time. Her routines were exhausting."

In order to battle her rapid weight loss, Cheryl is eating highly energy-dense foods like fries, sausages, hot dogs and burgers because she is terrified of losing any more weight (and good for her - some celebs like Tori Spelling just rolled with it and she just ended up looking like a Skeleton!). Cheryl's mom is on board making sure her daughter stays as healthy as possible and recovers quickly, so she's giving Cheryl whatever she wants to eat in order to make sure that her medication is working! Here's to a speedy recovery!

Read more at OK! Magazine (July 19, 2010) in the article called "Cheryl Cole is placed on 'a junk food diet' to help her gain malaria weight".


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