Friday, July 23, 2010

Train Like Your Favourite NFL Star with Wii

Source: USA Today (Summary by NIM)

What if you could have a little competitive fun with friends and family, get a workout and emulate your favourite NFL stars and at the same time? If that sounds like something you would be in to, you're in luck - EA sports has just announced the development of a new game for Nintendo's Wii console that will allow you to do all of the above.

The new game, which will be launched mid-November of this year, called EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp, is loaded with over 70 NFL drills used in real life by NFL coaches. These drills have been designed to help athletes improve their agility, response time, cardio capacity and strength, and now you can try them out for yourself! NFL star Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons recently tested the game and gave it his stamp of approval.

According to Gonzalez, "You're running through tires, pushing blocking dummies...Put those sensors on your leg and arm and it keeps track of your heart rate and the calories that you burn. It's a pretty neat perspective. People can get an inside look at how we prepare and then also you get to train in your favorite stadium."

Sounds pretty awesome, regardless of whether you're a football fan or not. If you've got a Wii console, give this game a try for a totally different workout experience.

Read more at USA Today (July 20, 2010) in the article called "Falcons' Tony Gonzalez helps EA Sports' kick off 'NFL Training Camp'"