Friday, August 6, 2010

Bill Clinton Diets For Daughter's Wedding

Source: The National Post (Summary by NIM)

Crash diets are bad. Most people know this. They are not the answer to sustainable weight loss, and yet so many people are so attracted (and addicted?) to them. I guess it all goes back to our society's mindset of 'instant gratification' and perhaps a fear of commitment? It's funny, though because crash diets almost certainly result in weight gain after the fact, even more so than prior to the 'diet'. I bet you most people don't know that - or else why would they do these diets - or maybe they don't care. Well, it seems that perhaps nobody is immune to this pattern of thinking, not even former US President Bill Clinton.

A noticeably thinner Clinton walked his daughter Chelsea down the aisle this past weekend, which sparked an interest in the methods he took to achieve his new weight. Clinton, who was never what you would consider 'thin' reported on his blog that his daughter's one request of him on her wedding day was that he lose weight. Up to 15 lbs, she said.

Rumour has it that Clinton used the Cabbage soup diet to help him reach his goal. Back in April, he was halfway to his 15-lb weight loss goal, so perhaps he followed this diet to shed the last few stubborn pounds. The trouble is that most of the weight lost on this type of diet is simply water, not fat, as would be the goal. If it is indeed the case that Clinton ate nothing but cabbage soup prior to his daughter's wedding, we should be seeing the fast-food lover back to his old weight, and then some, in no time!

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