Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kellogg's Makes Unhealthy Cereals Less Unhealthy

Source: Bakery and Snacks.com (Summary by NIM)

I always laugh when I see cereal makers attempt to spin unhealthy, food-coloured, sugar-coated cereals as offering some kind of health benefit. The one that gets me every time is the fact that Froot Loops now contain fibre! Yay! Everyone go buy them now. Well now you can go out and get yourself some Coco Pops (they have to be healthy with a name like that) because Kellogg's is slashing their sugar content by a whopping 15%. At least they're trying?

Starting in mid-2011 parents will be able to sleep at night because their kids will only be consuming 1.5 teaspoons of sugar per serving of Coco Pops. Instead of adding artificial sweeteners to maintain the flavour kids love, Kellogg's will use starches from grains and glucose syrup. Oh, and they're adding vitamin D, too, so now you have to go buy them!

Forgive me, maybe I'm too into healthy food, but what's wrong with a healthy breakfast? Healthy doesn't have to equal gross or tasteless or unappealing! The amazing thing about children is you're able to teach them to eat healthy from the get-go and set them up for a future of loving what's good for them, in addition to good health! Why would anyone compromise that with Coco Puffs?

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