Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Log In to Lose More Weight

Source: LA Times (Summary by NIM)

When it comes to losing weight, there are so many options out there. For the most part, it's basic math. Calories in and calories out. But there's a reason we study exercise science, sports medicine, and nutritional sciences just to name a few programs - they encompass a lot, including psychology. Weight loss can truly be a battle of the body and mind, so ultimately, the majority of people looking to lose weight fail because they don't have a solid, consistent support and motivation system. They are not accountable to anyone but themselves. So where is a person to turn to next? How about the Internet?

Many people think they need to shell out a ton of cash for a personal trainer or for regular meetings with a nutritionist, but studies have shown that this is not the case. One study published last year suggested that even speaking to a nurse or other health care professional regularly over the phone was enough to keep people on track. Others have shown that tweeting your weight loss or publishing your trials and tribulations on facebook holds you accountable to your friends. And now, new research has found that simply logging on and being part of an online weight loss community can help the pounds stay off. What's more - the people who logged on the most frequently actually lost the most weight and kept it off for longer. It's all about having the right support system.

So if you're struggling with your weight but don't know where to turn to, try checking out the web (you're already on it right now for crying out loud) for some great support groups.

Read more at the LA times (July 27, 2010) in the article called "The Internet may be a good weight loss tool -- as long as you log on".