Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Madonna Doesn't Leave Home Without Her Macrobiotic Chef

Source: Contact Music.com (Summary by NIM)

All the stars have their own secret to staying slim - they have to, it's part of their job to look good! It's obvious that Madonna spends a ton of time working out (have you seen those bulging muscles?) but she is equally as devoted to her diet. So what does the Material Mom do when she's gotta travel? Naturally, she brings her chef along with her to make sure that she stays on track.

Of all the celebrity diet stories and food idiosyncrasies I've heard of, perhaps none are as obsessed with their diets to as Madonna is, to go as far as she does to stick to her strict 'macrobiotic' diet. Madge spends thousands of dollars (hey, she's got it, right?) to have her private chef come along and prepare her meals for her en route to her destination. On a recent flight, it was reported that all the flight staff were given special documents and dossiers regarding Madonna's preferences and 'rules'.

Madonna has been on the macrobiotic diet for a while now and she's even got her new boyfriend on board. The diet itself consists of lots of whole grains, fish, vegetables, and beans while excluding dairy products, refined sugars and processed foods. It all sounds perfectly healthy and not at all restrictive, so I'm not sure what's putting Madge in such a mood!

Read more at Contact Music.com (July 28, 2010) in the article called "Madonna Flies With Chef".


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