Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back To School: Pizza Pizza Introduces Healthier Lunch Options

Source: The Toronto Sun (Summary by NIM)

Ah, it's that time of year again. Can you hear the birds singing? Yes, the kiddies have gone back to school (kicking and screaming, most likely) but that also means it's time to think about school lunches once again. And thankfully, Pizza Pizza has been thinking about school lunches, too.

A year ahead of a new policy that will be enforced regarding food sold in schools, the folks at Pizza Pizza have gone ahead and followed the new guidelines, so that their products can still be offered on pizza days - and we all know how much kids love pizza day! Pizza Pizza have not only modified their recipes to comply with these policies, but they have also decreased their portion sizes.

The new lunch guidelines, which will take effect in 2011, were the brainchild of the McGuinty government and state that at least 80% of food sold in schools must be healthy. All food sold in schools must have lower levels of fat, salt and sugar and must be more nutritious for kids, even the ones that don't fall into the 'healthiest' column. That means no more deep fried gunk (and especially no deep fried butter...yech). So, while there may not be any more panzerotti fried up in the caf, at least the kiddies can still enjoy their pizza!

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