Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kansas Professor Loses Weight, Lowers Cholesterol on Junk Food

Going back to the very basics of energy balance - or weight gain and weight loss - we know that it all boils down to calories. Essentially, in order to tip the balance in either direction you either have to eat more or less calories. And in order to "prove" this point in real life, a bold Kansas University Professor has gone where, well, many people have gone before, and is existing solely on junk.

Professor Mark Haub of Kansas State University, a nutrition expert, wants to show the world that the 'conventional' way to lose weight - that is, eating whole grains, fruits and veggies, isn't the only way to lose weight. He is right, but he's missing a lot and I mean a lot of important points - and nutrients.

Realizing this, Prof. Haub takes multivitamin supplements daily, but he eats basically no fibre and far too much sugar, fat and salt. Maybe it works for him, but my guess is that it would seriously mess up your average Joe. In reality, if you eat the healthiest foods, your health is optimized across the board - you get all the nutrients you need and exclude all the junk you don't - like trans fats and refined sugars.

While he is right in arguing that a 'healthy' diet is not always readily accessible, neither are multivitamins - healthy stuff is expensive no matter how you cut it. And so is junk food! So in my humble opinion, his 'experiment' to show that junk food is all you need is inherently flawed and is ultimately no more than just a demonstration of the concept of energy balance - no to show that you can be healthy by eating junk!