Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Motivation and Encouragement: The Missing Links to Weight Loss

It might be easy to say that you want to lose weight, that you will exercise and 'eat right' (whatever that means to you), but all things considered, weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle really can be a bit of a pickle. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to help things along, starting with talking to yourself.

It might sound a little wacky, but if your best friend, husband, or sibling was on a mission to turn their life around, wouldn't you be right by their side cheering them on? You would tell them they're doing great and that they look amazing - not to doubt themselves and not to be discouraged. So when it comes to yourself, why are things any different? Why do you tell yourself you failed or you look fat or that eating healthy isn't working? You would never dream of saying those things to your loved ones!

You can start by finding out what the true, underlying reason is for your changing lifestyle goal is. Is it health, appearance, confidence, or maybe to set a better example for your family? Find out what really motivates you - don't expect to see a change if your motivators are weak and flimsy! And be sure to talk to yourself, encourage yourself, cheer yourself on! Heck, even write yourself a list of affirmations and read it out loud each day - some people swear by it and others think it's a little odd, but if it gets you praising your efforts and motivating yourself, I say go for it! All in all, you need to be your own biggest fan if you want to reach your best potential. Go on, You can do it!