Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Should Your Doc Make Exercise an Rx?

Diet and exercise are two of the most major modifiable risk factors we have control over in order to help prevent chronic disease and generally stay happy and healthy into our old age. So why do some people so often ignore one or the other? Well, if health advocates had their way, Doctors would be prescribing a lot more exercise to their patients, according to a poll.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get an Rx for a gym membership, either free or discounted, instead of pills? In our pill-popping society, it seems that most people wait until it's too late, until they are sick with something and just resort to drugs instead of preventing the illness in the first place. Think of the time and money and hassle you'd save if got sick less often!

It turns out that gym-going isn't the most popular activity for a lot of people (are you surprised?). In fact, in France, going to the gym is a 'niche' activity that is just catching on and isn't very popular. The truth is, they don't really need to go to the gym! This is because Europeans walk or ride their bikes way more often than North Americans do, so they remain fit, trim and active for the most part without having to shell out fees for gym memberships. So if 'going to the gym' isn't for you, you, too can follow suit with the Europeans and use those legs of yours more often!!