Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween

Staying energetic and alert on Halloween can be tough if you're in and out of a sugar-induced coma. Managing kids who are in an out of sugar-induced comas and highs can be even more difficult, especially if combined with the first point above. So this halloween, we're arming you with some not-so scary tips that will help take the fear out of Halloween diet- and health-busters.

1. Eat a healthy meal before the candy shows up. Whether that be from trick or treating or going to a Halloween party, make sure that you and your family are well-fuelled up so that the temptation and craving for sweets and snacks will be lessened.

2. Throw out all the neon-coloured stuff. OK maybe keep a few if you really like them, but for the most part, with a few exceptions, those candies contain the most sugar, artificial ingredients and additives.

3. Ration that stash. If you've got kids, remind them that if they eat less candy now, there will be more for later. They don't need to turn their Halloween candy collection into an all-you-can-eat candy buffet, and neither do you.

4. Lead by example. If you only allow your kids to eat the higher quality stuff, they won't be so tempted to dash for the cheap candy jar every time time one is presented!

5. Don't use treats as a reward. Trade your kids' candy for something non-food related as a reward (like movie tickets) but you don't want to get them started on a slippery path to using food for comfort/good behaviour!

6. Don't give in so easily. You're stronger than that! You will undoubtedly be tempted by sweets and treats, but you don't have to give in to every craving. Have a big glass of water, distract yourself and avoid the candy stash, but if you really want a treat and you feel you deserve one, then by all means enjoy yourself. Just don't 'enjoy' 5 servings.

Other than that, be safe, responsible, enjoy yourself and have a happy Halloween!!